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Highly Acclaimed

. . .most excellent video production . . .in an easily understood, attention holding and concise manner . . .every expectant mother, father and others concerned about healthy babies should view this video and follow its teachings . . . you have made a significant contribution to health education.
Terrel H. Bell Former U.S. Secretary of Education

My thanks to you for producing such a wonderful video which has been so long awaited and needed . . .saves not only an average of one hour an office day . . .but also saves a tremendous number of phone calls . . .medical accuracy . . .with the physician and patient in mind . . .patient responses . . .are delightful . . .brings prenatal care into the 1990's
Srbislav N. Brasovan, M.D., F.A.C.O.G.
Merrillville, IN

It is excellent! . . .I was impressed--indeed moved--by its warmth and compassion . . .Should be both reassuring and practically helpful to expectant mothers and fathers, and to the professionals who deal with them.
Frederick K. Goodwin, M.D., U.S. Administrator
Alcohol, Drug Abuse, and Mental Health Administration

an invaluable tool to aid in the delivery of prenatal care . . .an idea whose time has come. I hope that others, particularly doctors, will also see the benefits of this and future videos.
Orrin G. Hatch, United States Senate

I agree with the obstetricians, gynecologists and pediatricians who believe this videotape will be a great benefit to expectant mothers, fathers, and families.
Edward M. Kennedy, United States Senate.

. . .presents informationn in an area of health so important to our country-mothers and children . . .they must have the facts if they are to make positive changes in their life-styles . . .a useful information resource for expectant women.
James O. Mason, M.D., Dr. P.H.
Assistant U.S. Secretary for Health

Outstanding video for the use of physician and patient alike. All of the usual patient questions are answered with clarity saving office time. I thoroughly recommend this video to be seen by every patient.
Duncan J. Turner, M.D., F.A.C.O.G.
Santa Barbara, CA


Thank you very much for sending me those three video tapes: Pregnancy, Birth, and Childhood I. They have been previewed by several doctors and nurses and deemed to be very good. Personally, I thought the videos were very well done from every point of view; technical, subject, information, and delivery. We bought the videos without any hesitation. Now we need the same in Spanish!
Aldona Johynas, Director Library Services, U.M.C., Las Vegas, NV

. . .Thank you very much for allowing me to preview the child development videos. The material is excellent and easily used with students . . .
Sandra Leis, Home Economics, Hardin Nothern School, Dola, OH

We have previewed the excellent videos listed above. Purchase of the videos was approved at the teacher's meeting . . .The Humancare Videos are a welcome educational addition to our classroom. Please forward future correspondence regarding future videos . . .
Meta Phelps, Teacher, Palmdale H.S., Palmdale, CA

. . .Thank you for letting me preview the videos. They are excellent and ideal for our Teen Parenting and Child Development classes . . .
Sally M. Cody

My district will be sending you a purchase order for film volumes 1 and 2. These films will fit in very well with our Prenatal Parent and Child Education class curriculum . . .Thank you very much for sending these . . .
Deborah Hughes, Teacher, Roosevelt H.S., Fresno, CA

. . .They are wonderful videos and we would appreciate you keeping us in mind and informed of all your products.
Pat Colborn, Assistant Director, Preg. Resource Center, S.L.C., UT

Thank you for letting me preview these videos. They are very good. I have turned in a requisition to my school district for the purchase of all three.
Brynn Hufton, Teacher, Centennial H.S., Pueblo, CO

. . .We are very pleased with the videos. They are all you said and more . . .You can look for an order from us. This is a promise. Keep us informed concerning future videos. These are the best we have seen and at an affordable price too.
Evelyn Bishop, Teacher, Delano H.S., Delano, CA

Bravo! Finally a good video at a great price . . .You will receive a P.O. this summer. Thank you for allowing me to preview the videos.
Veda Zwieg, Teacher, Deerfield H.S., Deearfield, WI

Thank you for the preview time. I have made my budget request and will order this summer. Please send me a flyer when the complete catalog is ready. You are doing a fine job in an area that needs attention.
Mrs. Krohn, Teacher, Logan View H.S., Hooper, NE

Thank you for the opportunity to view these videos. They are very well done and reasonably priced. I will budget for the entire series in the near future.
Dori Vojta, RNC, Mobridge Regional Hospital, Mobridge, SD

All three videos are very well done . . .Thank you again. I do appreciate knowing where to purchase the quality products that are on the market.
Kathy Vicker, Teacher, Stanton Comm. Schools, Stanton, NE

Excellent videos. We are going to try to purchase Volumes 1 and 2 for next year.
Marian Vazquez, Teacher, Caesar Rodney H.S., Camden, DE

I believe the videos are an excellent teaching tool and I would love to have them in my video library . . .I appreciate the opportunity to view the tapes and I look forward to purchasing them in the future.
Wauleai Huckabee, Teacher, Spring Hill High School, Hope, AK

These videos are terrific! When I am able to institute our Family Life and Child Development classes I will want to order . . .Thanks for the opportunity to preview.
Marti Hyzer, Teacher, Grant H.S., Grant, MI

. . .They were very good. Out senior religion class felt they were very informative and well put together . . .Thank you.
Janene Michels, Teacher, Walla Walla Catholic Schools, Walla Walla,WA

Thank you for the opportunity to preview Video 1. The quality was excellent and the subject matter was thorough and tastefully done . . .I would like the list of subject matter covered in the other videos (4-12) that were mentioned, if it is available. I will contact your company if our curriculum indicates the need for further purchases.
Jean Tompkins, Teacher, Houlton, H.S., Houlton, ME

. . .They are excellent videos, full of information suitable for my Parent/Child Development class . . .We like the videos very much and feel we can use them.
Maralee A. Wright, Teacher, Blissfield Community Schools, Blissfield, MI

Thank you for allowing me to preview these tapes. I found them a great value for the monew involved. They were very in depth. . .
Debra Wilson, Teacher, Western H.S., Buda, IL

. . .I will mention these to my state supervisor. I already mentioned them to the biology and health teachers at our school. They are great videos, at a good price!
Christine Rogers, Teacher, Cameron H.S., Cameron, WV

. . .The films were excellent and when our budget is approved I will purchase them. They will be very helpful in teaching our 12th grade Human Growth and Development Program.
Rosemarie Powell, Teacher, Montgomery H.S., Skillman, NJ

After previewing these three videos, my associate and I felt they contained some excellent materials for beginning parents in their twenties. . .
Angel Dikoma, Teacher, Cliffside Park H.S., Cliffside, NJ

Thank you for letting us preview the videos. We really liked the one we had time to see and will recommend that our area education agency purchasse the videos. Thank you.
Marilyn Goughner, Teacher, Terril H.S., Terril, IA

Thank you for the opportunity to preview these three videos for my Child Development Class. The content and presentation were excellent . . .
Mary Palumbo, Teacher, St. Petersburg H.S., St. Petersburg, FL

Thank you for the preview set of tapes. We will be recommending "Mom And The Unborn Baby" for our senior high abstinence curriculum . . .We will be putting all the tapes on order for our next years budget.
Darlene Bakus, Teacher, Oakfield-Alabama H.S., Oakfield, NY

My supervisor is going to order them for me. They were very good. Please send me a listing of additional videos.
Midea Paul, Teacher, N. Hagerstown H.S., Hagerstown, MD

. . .The students and I both felt they were very educational, and we would like to purchase them this year . . .You will be "number one" on my list for purchasing of videos for the fall school term. Thank you very much.
Joyce Brooks, Teacher, Hillborough H.S., Tampa, FL

. . .Excellent videos. Informative and direct to the point. They keep students attention. I'm very excited about these videos. I have put them into our budget.
Kristin Brooks, Teacher, Colebrook Academy High, Colebrook, NH

We enjoyed your videos very much. . .We may bey these by the end of the school year. Thank you so much for sending these beautiful, up to date videos to me.
Ruth McKenzie, Teacher, Indiahoma H.S., Indiahoma, OK

Thanks, they were very good and informative too. When money becomes available these tapes will be my first choice. I need all of this information. They are wonderful materials. Thanks again!
Joyce Harris, Teacher, Ellender Memorial H.S., Houma, LA

Thank you for thinking of us. I enjoyed the videos and found them to be educational and complementary to our curriculum. I will certainly order them for next year's program. Thanks again.
Lori Schaumberg, Teacher, Walkhill Valley H.S., Hamburg, NJ

These are very good, and well presented. I am interested in these tapes and will get a purchase order so that I can purchase them.
Audrey Neale, Teacher, Huntington East H.S., Huntington, WV

. . .I want very much to purchase these tapes for a Child Development Program that I am developing for next year . . .These are some of the best tapes I have previewed. Thank you for allowing us to see them.
Martha Cummings, Teacher, Onondaga H.S., Nedrow, NY

Thank you for allowing me to preview your videos. They are professionally done and very informative. I highly recommend them for any health education program. As I mentioned in my order I am in need of the same material in Spanish. Please include me in your list when such material becomes available. We are in constant need of instructional materials like these. Thanks again and look forward to hearing from you.
Rocio Wood, Nurse, Alexandria Hospital, Springfield, VA

Thank you for the opportunity to preview the tapes on pregnancy, childbirth, and the first 18 months of life. . .We were impressed with the excellent way the subjest was handled in the three videos . . .
May Daw, B.F. Jones Memorial Library, Aliquippa, PA

Thank you for allowing me to preview these excellent videotapes. I have already put a request in next year's budget to purchase the set . . .Thanks again.
Laurie Bjorn, Teacher, Old Town High School, Old Town, ME

. . .I can't express adequately enough how terrific these video's are. . .
Joyce Gates, Community Service Director,
March of Dimes Headquarters.

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